Fezler Golf - Creative Reality

Seeing is believing. As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in golf course design and construction it could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars saved by seeing your final product before you build it.  Plus, you will be able to see the actual charm, character, and personality of the course before you even get started.

Our Creative Reality process is a great tool to show members, owners and shapers alike what look you can expect and will get.

Change is difficult for people to accept. Tough decisions for sure, but with the Creative Reality process, we produce for you a visualized concept for your feedback before that concept is actually constructed. This allows you to see the course evolve in front of your own eyes to help with the design and decision-making process.

Mike Strantz was not only a great architect but an artist as well. No hole was ever built without his magic being produced on paper.  An artist I am not.  But because of this great need to show clients the product they can receive, we have been able to produce photoshopping pictorials that bring an idea to life.

The Creative Reality that we produce will give you the comfort, that what you see, is what you will ultimately get.

Existing Holes & Proposed Ideas

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MPCC Hole #4
 MPCC Hole #17
 MPCC Hole #18

Before, Proposed, and After

How proposed ideas became reality

MPCC Hole #3
MPCC Hole #7

Before & Proposed Ideas

Ideas for new course not built yet

Del Rey Oaks Hole #2
Del Rey Oaks Hole #11