Fezler Golf Design Philosophy

Golf is a challenging game, too say the least. Our design philosophy is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. How do you do this? Quite simple. Create golf holes that will stimulate your senses. Never be redundant. Create a new experience and strong visual on each and every hole.

In these times, we want people to come back again and again to play the game. Playing a non-script course will only drive you away from the sport. If you went to Disney, do you want to take a roller coaster that is a thrill a minute or take a merry-go-round that just keeps on going around and around the same old thing every time?

Our goal is to make you feel heroic by creating visuals that will seem intimidating but in reality, are quite easy to accomplish. A shot that you will remember forever.

Every time you step onto the next tee your heart is pounding. What have I gotten myself into? What do I do here? Can I handle it? Can I hit that shot? And when you do you’ll be walking down that fairway with your chest out patting yourself on the back. I knew I could do it.

That will bring you back for more!!!

#1 tee at Tobacco Road, Are you ready for this!